Do you need a safe place for your dog to stay while you are away?  My home might be the perfect home-away-from-home for your four-legged family. I have a small house with a spacious fenced yard (approx 3/4 acres) with plenty of shade and space to run. It is a non-smoking household and has central air to keep the dogs cool in the summer. My property abuts miles of walking trails. It is on a dead-end road off of a dead-end road, deep in the Chilmark countryside.

Heather Goff
Heather Goff

My name is Heather Goff. I work at home as a potter and website designer. I am the enamored owner of three small dogs, an elderly miniature schnauzer, a middle aged Morkie, and a young Chinese Crested.  Doggy guests are treated like family and will have free reign of the house and fenced yard. I pay close attention to my four-legged housemates and make sure they are hydrated and let out every 0-3 hours and upon request. We also take daily walks.



Home Visit

I require a home visit, where you come to my home with your dog before I can commit to dog sitting them. We need to make sure that your dog is comfortable with me and my pack, and my dogs with them, and that you are comfortable with the accommodations for them.

I prefer to dog sit small breed dogs (under 25 pounds) because my dogs are small, my house is compact,  and tiny dogs can easily be injured by even the friendliest large dog. I might make an exception but would need to meet the dog first. The safety of the small dogs in my care is paramount.

Schedule a home visit today.


Daily Walks and Photos

I have a large yard for the dogs to play in, and we also take daily walks. I have Landbank hiking trails that cross my property, and we take advantage of them.  I have also put two private walking trails on my property, that don’t cross any roads or public trails. That ensures that my smaller house guests do not risk unexpectedly running into strange large dogs. I do walk two of my three dogs off leash when we are far from roads, however, visiting dogs are walked ON a leash, at least twice a day (upon request of owner).

I take lots of photos and will text or email daily images and an update to the visiting dog’s parents daily.

Health and Training

All visiting dogs should be up to date on their flea and tick prevention and all required vaccines. Consider having them vaccinated also against kennel cough and influenza.  My dogs are all vaccinated for these conditions, but other visitors might potentially be carriers.

I can give oral medication to dogs and will prepare special meals for those with food allergies. If your pet needs special attention please let me know. I have a comprehensive questionnaire that you will fill out before your pet comes to sleep over.

I do allow my dogs on the armchairs, couch, and bed. Visiting dogs will be exposed to that atmosphere, as they will be treated like family.  I do not feed them at the table or encourage begging. I also have dog beds in all of the rooms and can make crates available if visiting dogs prefer. All the rooms have cozy throw rugs.

Dogs that are not house trained, that mark or that are destructive will incur extra fees.

Services and Fees

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, we are currently not taking guests.

The Covid19 suspension of Chilmark Dog Sitting has given me a lot of time to think about the dog-boarding business, and I have decided to limit my capacity in the future to a maximum of two canine guests at any time. This will allow me to give them the extra attention and special care that they deserve and will allow increased comfort for more timid guests. My fees have gone up to reflect the extra value that they will be receiving.

I will not be taking new guests until my own dogs are up to date in all of their vaccines. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise. The vets are only seeing patients for emergencies right now. I don’t anticipate being open again until late July or August.


Includes cuddles, playtime, and walks.

$45/day or partial day 9:00am – 7:00pm (per dog)
$10/night or partial night 7:00pm – 9:00am (per dog)
minimum fee $55 (per single dog)
The price breakdowns are applied if the guest is staying longer than two days. For example, if the guest is dropped off before 9 am, or picked up after 7 pm, they would incur the extra $10 for a partial night. If a guest is dropped off after 9 am and picked up before 7 pm, there would be a $10 savings on the last day.

*A 4% surcharge is added for credit card payments to cover the merchant fees.

Day Care

I don’t, as a rule, offer daycare services for dogs. I will make an exception for previous boarders if my schedule permits. The cost of daycare is $45/day per dog, and available only if I’m not at capacity. Hours for daycare are 8am -5pm.


Administration of Daily Medications: $5/day per dog
Baths: $30 per bath

Dog owners should supply the food that their dog is used to eating. If I need to purchase the food, that will be charged to the owner, and I need to know the exact brand and flavor several weeks in advance of the stay so that I can order it.

Dogs that are not house trained, that mark or that are destructive will incur extra fees.


I invoice using squareup.com and will accept credit cards, cash, personal checks, PayPal, and Venmo.

Fees are subject to change. Please review this page each time you schedule.

*A 4% surcharge is added for credit card payments to cover the merchant fees.