Services and Fees


The Covid19 suspension of Chilmark Dog Sitting has given me a lot of time to think about the dog-boarding business, and I have decided to limit my capacity in the future to a maximum of two canine guests at any time. This will allow me to give them the extra attention and special care that they deserve and will allow increased comfort for more timid guests. My fees have gone up to reflect the extra value that they will be receiving.


Includes cuddles, playtime, and walks.

$38/day or partial day 9:00am – 7:00pm (per dog)
$8/night or partial night 7:00pm – 9:00am (per dog)

minimum fee $46 (per single dog)
The price breakdowns are applied if the guest is staying longer than two days. For example, if the guest is dropped off before 9 am, or picked up after 7 pm, they would incur the extra $8 for a partial night. If a guest is dropped off after 9 am and picked up before 7 pm, there would be an $8 savings on the last day.

*A 4% surcharge is added for credit card payments to cover the merchant fees.

Day Care

I don’t, as a rule, offer daycare services for dogs. I will make an exception for previous borders if my schedule permits. The cost of daycare is $46/day per dog, and available only if I’m not at capacity. Hours for daycare are 8 am -5 pm.


Administration of Daily Medications: $5/day per dog
Baths: $30 per bath

Dog owners should supply the food that their dog is used to eating. If I need to purchase the food, that will be charged to the owner, and I need to know the exact brand and flavor several weeks in advance of the stay so that I can order it.

Dogs that are not house trained, that mark or that are destructive will incur extra fees.


I invoice using and will accept credit cards, cash, personal checks, PayPal, and Venmo.

Fees are subject to change. Please review this page each time you schedule.

*A 4% surcharge is added for credit card payments to cover the merchant fees.