“Heather cares for our Jack Russell terrier as if he was one of her own dogs. Brady loves Heather and runs to her upon greeting. There is never a moment that I worry about his care or well being. The daily photos and texts that she sends only confirms that we have chosen the very best care. More often than not he is sitting next to her in her chair or cuddled in her lap on the futon. Brady loves his pack at Heather’s and gets very excited when we open the car door and he can rejoin them. I can leave him with great peace of mind & enjoy my vacation worry free.”
Tracy Smith and Brady


“You are the best I’ve Ever used, Heather. You seem to know and love my little dog. The photos are a real asset as you say something specific about Alice with each one. I love the group pics too that show the daily routine , the dogs snoozing in the beds. The stove is a beautiful focus for your home and I’ve come to know the outside too with the big ceramic figures and the wood piles. The only disappointment is that you can’t be in more of the pictures. With the dogs. But your narrative makes clear that you are involved with Alice every day. ”
Linda and Alice


“Going to Heather’s is like going to sleep at your best friend’s house. There are lots of playmates, wonderful walks, and easy in and out with her large fenced woods . For us Moms and Dads, there are pictures and videos three times a day to keep in touch with our babies. I never worry when I leave Zeke with Heather. I know he is going to have a great time and miss me less than I miss him.”
Candy and Zeke


“Beau enjoyed his time boarding with Heather. He especially enjoyed making new friends & going for a walk together. I was relaxed knowing Beau was in good hands.”
Juliet and Beau


“Heather, You have created a welcoming environment for dogs. I know alot of thought went into your planning. There is an enclosed/fenced in area just outside your door along with many trails just beyond your property. One of the definite pluses for me is that you give them alot of exercise. Leeli is a jack russell mix and needs, needs exercise. You have also trained your dogs to get along with all dogs. You are very attentive to my dogs specific needs , wants and medications and there is always a bone for Leeli.



Covey, chihuahua, with a heart condition, often will be uncomfortable with other dogs, but he is right at home there . I can tell because Heather sends pictures of them to me. And, there is Covey right in the line up of dogs in their beds.”
Karen English, Leeli and Covey