Health and Training

All visiting dogs should be up to date on their flea and tick prevention and all required vaccines. Consider having them vaccinated also against kennel cough and influenza.  My dogs are all vaccinated for these conditions, but other visitors might potentially be carriers.

I can give oral medication to dogs and will prepare special meals for those with food allergies. If your pet needs special attention please let me know. I have a comprehensive questionnaire that you will fill out before your pet comes to sleep over.

I do allow my dogs on the armchairs, couch, and bed. Visiting dogs will be exposed to that atmosphere, as they will be treated like family.  I do not feed them at the table or encourage begging. I also have dog beds in all of the rooms and can make crates available if visiting dogs prefer. All the rooms have cozy throw rugs.

Dogs that are not house trained, that mark or that are destructive will incur extra fees.