Please call and make an appointment before coming. 508-955-9944

We are located at 16 Marion’s Way in Chilmark. Marion’s Way is off of Middle Line Road which is off of Tabor House Road (where the Chilmark Landfill is).

If you come from VH up State Road, you would go right on North Road, pass Tea Lane on the left, pass the fire house on the right, pass the North Tabor Farm Road and farm stand on your left, and then turn left onto TABOR HOUSE ROAD. Middle Line Road is the first left off of Tabor House Road. It is alongside the dump. It is a dirt road, though the entrance is paved. The name of the road is on a large rock. There is a Landbank sign as well for Middle Ridge Trail. If you get to the dump you’ve gone a bit too far.

Marion’s Way is the FIRST RIGHT off of Middle Line Road. Go down Middle Line Road at least a mile. You’ll pass Molly’s Lane on the left. It looks like the road forks, Molly’s lane is so large, and the sign for Molly’s Lane is on a boulder to the right of Molly’s lane, in between the two roads. Continue right on Middle Line Road (passing the boulder on your let) and the next right is Marion’s Way. Our home is the first left off of Marion’s Way.

If you are coming from Middle Road, turn onto Tabor House, and Middle Line Road is the right immediately after the dump on the right.



Here is what the turn from North Road to Tabor House Road looks like:

Here is what the turn from Tabor House Road to Middle Line Road looks like:


Here is what it looks like when Molly’s Lane vears left off of Middle Line Road. Stay to the right here.


This is a winter view of the right turn onto Marion’s Way from Middle Line Road.

Right before our driveway is a rock with a 16 and the name GOFF on it.

This is a view of the house from the driveway: